iTTi Tunisia’s School is based in Bardo, Avenue Habib Bourguiba. It’s 5 minutes away from the Metro station ( Mefteh Saadallah from left and Bouchoucha  20 Mars from Right). It is surrounded by a variety of restaurants ( just above Plan B Bardo) cafées and shops. The center is located at Elhanaya Bardo, this place holds the history of more than one thousand and four hundred years. « The hanaya »  was installed through the country to assure drinking water from Zaghwan.

iTTi office in also 10 minutes from the National Bardo Museum. The biggest Tunisian museum derives its reputation from its countless pieces coming from the excavations undertaken in the country since the XIXth Century. The quality and the rarity of many of these pieces bear witness to the country’s historical richness and uniqueness.

Calendar 2020:

• Extensive courses
Through the whole year. These courses are in demand . ( the time that suits the candidate)

    .Onsite 120-hour- TEFL course
    .Online 120-hour- TEFL course
    .Combined 120-hour- TEFL course
    .Specialization courses : Teaching Business/ Teaching Young Learners/ Teaching IELTS preparation…
  • Intensive TEFL Training :
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