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There are 6 mandatory units

Unit 1: Principles of English Language Teaching, Teaching Techniques and an introduction to lesson planning

Unit 2: Grammatical Awareness along with teaching grammar and vocabulary

Unit 3: Building a lesson plan: Using Games, Practice and Production (teaching aids)

Unit 4: Teaching receptive and productive skills: incorporating technology to develop these skills in the classroom

Unit 5: Learners and Learning (motivation, needs and classroom management): Guided Observations

Unit 6: Recycle and Review: End of Course Assessment and further reading

You will also have 2 assessments to complete and an end of course assessment

It may seem like a lot but that is what makes us different to many courses out there, we want you to learn as much as you can to make you the best teacher you can be. It’s not just about the certificate at the end, it’s about the knowledge you pick up on the way!